Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Growing!!! Are we really?

Change is something thats unchangeable an adage says. Change and growth are not always synonymous though! Does being connected means we share the same warmth in our relationships?does having higher I.Q means you are above the rest?Going into the topic,  I had always been  Fascinated by evolution. We have higher I.Q than our parents and our progenies would out beat us but,Are we being human as our predecessors? The answer is a sure no I would say. For example, my sisters kids can operate blackberry being in their third grade but they never share their toys amongst themselves happily as me and sisters had.When compared with my mother and her sisters we would surely be lagging behind. Where does the problem begin? Are we losing our humanness in our quest to stand alone from the crowd? How many kids today play amongst or know the names of kids in their own apartments? leave alone the kids, how many parents set an example to their kids by socializing with the neighbors?Is it evolution or self destruction of our traits.What is money and success worth with no one to rejoice with us? Think about it!!!


  1. It may b coz f the impact of western culture and the journey towards many of us willing to be a part of a joint family?answer wil be we are adapting to changes in culture we hav 2 adapt to dis...we cant change dis till the people drop their selfishness...

  2. hw do u adapt to degrading oneself? living on one's one terms or i dnt care abt others stuff wont give any good results.