Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chinese style for India

 There was a heated discussion among us friends on which form of government was better-democratic or communist.Though it died out in an hour ,owing to other discussions like movie and politics, i wondered if my arguments that india is best with democracy was  right seeing the Libran commision report.It's so disgusting that we live amongst such religious fanatics.
      There were several issues raised during that discussion and i'll try to explain things in my view
  • One party is good for the nation
Let me tell u people,that would be good for Chinese but we can never adopt to such stupidity.Even in the midst of a multiparty system we see monarchy prevailing amongst pary leadership and i often wonder how could are these supposedly altruistic politicians buy lamborgs and porschs when they are 'ezhai pangalan'?
My answer is even if one party is in power, all thieves would rob together together in a single party rather than in opposite camps.The feuds would be more coz,Indians are a mixed race with many religions,cultures and a one party system would produce lead to more confusion and power hungryclans vying for the time to dig graves for each other.
  • Strict rules or severe punishments
It does seem so convincing that,China's growth has been largely due to the discipline it induces amongst its citizens and workers.But on the contrary,how can u take pride in being acommunist when u dont even care abiut the lives of workers( mines-chinese have the worst mining safety methods),which principle of Marx due to hold high making lockouts illegal and protests unlawful?In India one can atleast speak this comparison would this ever be possible in china?Never.Our's is a nations where governments had been trashed by people for hurting religious sentiments.We could never live to the Chinese philosophy of State first policy.justice should be quick but never in haste --china has the worst human rights record,many awarded capital punishment had been proved innocent.For a nation strongly bonded to family,u cant apply machavallian rules as in china as in sports(a olympic medallist wasnt informed of her mothers death during preparation)is this the cost on which our development should be built  ?
  • Aggressive poilcies
I often hear people saying,India isnt being aggressive as China in promotin industries.Well china promotes Industry without worrying about the consequences-Chinese cities are the worst air polluted cities.
We are no good than them,if we couldnt keep our Holy Ganga pure-we wouldnt keep anythn clean.But we are not like China -sacrificing evrything for sake of development.Chinese may be the largest economy in Asia but,they too had they hit in recession while our markets were relatively stable.Chinese economy is largely based on exports and so it can never be termed as good.We wonder at their magnificient Three Gorges project forgetting the millions vacated without a penny of compensation.Even India does that,but atleast here we have a chance to agitate for the compensation-Would Medhapatkar been alive ha she been in China?
  • Iron handedness
Yeah!China is relatively peaceful baring Xinjiang.but we should'nt forget the golden words of Rousseau"I may never agree with your views,but i would give up my life in your right to express them"without right to expression there would be no growth,no air to breathe-no introspection,as a result mankind stagnates.with iron handedness you can qquell break a movement but never its soul for it's in minds than in corpses.If one is confident that their government is good they would never censure internet and blogs.Oppression only breeds mindless slaves and nothing more

so,I still stand and would stand on the view that,we have a unique way of dealing things.It may be flawed because men who frame them are flawed.Inspite of it if we could reach this heights ,its astounding...Proud to ba an Indian..

Friday, December 18, 2009

The project we intend to do...

Being at the last semester of my engineering course,i have a a project to make.There were several ideas on selecting a project.i personally had believed that, whatever you take from the community you must repay at least a part of it.The idea of doing this project,the project that we try to implement struck me in train when i was travelling back from Goa.To be frank i thought i was the first to invent something new or outta box.But the fact was that people were working on it for half a decade :(.but the good thing was my idea was still in research and there was something that i could always contribute.O.k./. coming to my dream project,"A real time mine detection system employing sensors" that could reduce the time and risks involved in demining activities.You will understand the problem if i give you a statistic outta 2million mines planted every year in conflict zones only 1000000 are marked and far lesser removed.The dormants that have been there from second world war accrues with newly planted and they impose severe problemsMost of the times the intended targets escape and it's just the civilians who get exposed and their hands or limbs get blown off.Technology grows everyday and detection gets harder with arrival of plastic mines. so thats the core area we would be concentrating on .But the project has been plagud by funds!!! the gpr sensor that we had intended for use costs us in lakhs,so we are trying to implement the project using a cheap ir sensor while improving it's efficiency.After all technology's about that right-uplifting the weaker !!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Religion and tradition

To me, Religion always has been an enigma. Been brought up in a family where customs are a must even if u dnt agree with them, I have had disturbing questions about religion for a long period of time.till date i have not been able to understand any crap he so called spiritual gurus say. They say that god is one but they worship countless deities and each with its own rites. if its nothng but different form of god, why should one do rites differently? first of all te rites themselves are nothing but methods employed by our ancestors to make us still to some good things. i'll explain them, first of all the simple tradition that one should keep vibuthi, it was to make man realize that all earthly things come to meet the same end and be simple in life yet, we there would be a big chaos if one does not get special vibuthi !!!!And medically it removes water from sinus after a bath eliminating the possibility of getting headache or cold.
The other tradition of being wet while in temple(tats y u get drenched if u visit Ramaeshwaram) the body can absorb the vibrations well if its line with simple conductivity ideas. but none does that. one common stupidity i often find irritating is that people sitting after going to a temple. For god's sake,in those days temples were big and ur legs were tired 2 day u build a temple in 4 cents and still u sit blocking the small entrance dumbheads!!!
The religion instead of doing what it should have done has done the has created maniacas who are obsessed with nothing but traditions and worst they pass it o to their progeny's as well..i'll come with more a bit later