Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dell laptops review- Experiencing my first laptop

I bought a new Studio 15 laptop a week back. I bought it after gettig feedbacks from my friends ( rembr im at hostel where there are many brands ) My experience made me feel why  went for them. I had the worst customer service from dell.First my sales manager said, I would be getting the lap in a weeek's time but i nevr got any further updates after i made my payment(dell has three methods- demand draft, master card or online money transfer(u can use it even if u have an ordinary bank account))> After a series of mails for more than a month, I got this sleek diva at my hands.
             Coming to the product, Studio is appealing at first sight  has a good design(Im not impressed by the themes - anyway if u can shell another 3500 bucks u can try).The system comes without any freebies except ear phones. On performance wise it  performs exceedingly well. Assasins creed and other high  end games can be played without any snag. The512 mb graphics card performs well at high resolution but one could see the small snag when aa is increased t the maximum. other multimedia apps run easily( esp photoshop can be fun if u use this gal). The processor is also gud at 2.26 ghz and with 4gb ram u can run almost any application on it. But the two problems i faced was, The lap gets super heated at times u  wud feel ur keeping a hot pan on ur lap after an hour. Also the combo drive  produces so much sound that makes you think a mini auto is running inside ur lap. Also The facial recognition system sucks i have logged in and out of my system more than hundred times yet the system wudnt recognise me. Dell could have done better at that.
My suggestion on buying a lap
 Unless your interested in multimedia dont go for this coz u can have lenovo at half this price and lenovo's build is very good while dell has mediocre build quality.
If you buy this go for the following upgradtions- a 9 cell battery and 4 gb ram(default- 3gb)
If its not urgent you can wait for some time as blu ray drives are getting cheap evry day.

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  1. Gautam,

    The performance of the face recognition software should be much better. As the supplier of the this software, we would like to assist in resolving the performance issue. Please feel free to contact us at support@sensiblevision.com