Monday, June 15, 2009

shangai talks

well our Primeminister leaves for the shangai summit soon...all d hype has been created our intelligence agencies and sum media barrons is whetherMr.clean Dr. Manmohan Singh would meet up with ten percentage man Asif Ali Zardari..watevr be the outcome of the meeting pakistan would still support jihadists fighting for Azad Kashmir...the only gud thing tat would happen is for newspapers (they wud hav sum news to fill d first page ) and Shiv ShankarMenons wife(who would hav a chance to see her husband in limelight for a while as lankan issue is over)
Nothing would change as the real power doesnt wrest with Mr.Zardari but with the war mongerin religious fanatics who hav cemented their places so well within the administrational hierarchy of Pakistan..well one thing we had all forgotten is the BRIC summit thats to be held in d sidelines of the shangai summit BRIC was forme by the then devloping nations Brazil,Russia,India and China..
but the irony now is that china and Russia who were developing countries by then had now become developed while India is still developing.... China and Russia hav well established themselves with CHina emerging as the clear winner of power in south Asia and Russia in central Asia and Europe..with the world becoming rapidly multipolar with deterioation in the influence of USA all India could do with its RAW is topple govts in small countries like Madagascar...where in the hell r we heading to when we cant even raise our voice protesting against China's claim of our solemn territory(A.P)?China has developed itself so well tat it speaks of maintain uniform currncy while we Indians lick the boots of Americans askn nt to cut the tax benefits ...we better change our system else the chinese war machines would tread over us when pandoras box opens during shortage of water in decades to come...

t20 world cup

aah!! finally the favorites are comin back home after some hefty purchase ,exotic spa massages and few hrs of game...i never blivd these bunch of spoilt individuals would get d cup..hmm last time no player had an identity and evryone's future was bleak so each one put their best and they had team spirit n all to bring back d cup beating our archrival...but this time each has got big bungalow to his name courtesy IPL so no one cared abt winning as survival was nt essential to each bloke each one's got a name to rest upon now and worse of all yesterday no player played as a team... this is d curse of indian cricket we hav amazingly talented bunch of individuals who try to remain as individuals and not as an unit... let team india learn lesson atleast now and win the upcomin series...