Wednesday, March 31, 2010

studying in uk

well, to start off with I am an Engineering graduate with offers from almost every university  in U.K. So i thought I could share few things on applying to universities in U.K.
      U.K ranks top amongst the hotspots for learning masters. The country has a very mixed populationa nd you would not find any racial abuses as with Australia or elsewhere.Like every foreign university U.K also has  two intakes during fall and spring . Apply for september intakke as you might have good chance of getting an offer as the number of availabe seats are higher.  The first step in applying to U.k is to have a valid passport as you need it for IELTS or TOEFL exams. The universities accept both the English tests and you need not give GRE for getting a seat in U.K. As soon as you receive your score card, check for the universities which would offer you seats based on the scores( mostly above 100 in TOEFL and band 7 in IELTS would do). Then you can apply online as its the fastes and safest means to apply to a university. Dont go for postal means as it takes hell lot of time to process and you should also shoulder the additional costs of postal expenses . So best apply through online using the university portal and pray that you get a seat.Wjile applying online, Scan all the relevant documents- your Marksheets( if you are currently pursuing your degree) else your degree scrolls and final transcripts, TOEFL or IELTS score card,Recommendation letter from two of your staffs(note that few universities like Nottingham have their own recommendation forms), and a letter of purpose which should state why you are interested in the university and course(about 2 pages) .After a month or so you would receieve the university's decision on your offer status decide upo fees and other issues and if you are satisfied accept the offer(that too can be made online).
If you are currently pursuing your UG then you would get conditional offer.submit your marksheets and degree scrolls as soon as you get them then scan and send it to the university so that your offer is made unconditional. Apply early because you need offer if you need to apply for any of the scholarship programs.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Four years of college life gave me?? this!!

To know that my course draws t an end in some 15 days raises new questions in me. When i think what i had learnt or achieved by giving four years of time and equal amount of money in lakhs to this damn institution  i get no answer. To be frank, i was more sharper in my school , my intellect was sharper and my grey cells were very active but now im not the same guy as i used to be in my school days.Physically i might have grown another 4 inches but i cant hide my shame when i realize that i had blunted myself or had i been blunted? All plants dnt grow well everywhere so do we.This Institution can be marked as good one with ranking and all those gimmicks but i realize the oxygen for me was freedom and not all others this college provides us with. But one thing i can be sure of is i had learnt a lot about people here at college, i learnt staffs can be so idiotic, students can be so self centered and friends can so easily rip through your back. I had thought that i was good as survivor in school but i didn't have humane feelings at school but now i feel after seeing so much things in college, the last bit of humanness also has vanished from my heart. i am nothing short of a demon with nothing but hate for meanness filling all my heart. I have learnt about people and the way earth behaves to each individual here at college.but i now think thats more important to know than working of zener diodes . is it not?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Betrayal-in its purest form

"One should rather die than be betrayed. There is no deceit in death. It delivers precisely what it has promised. Betrayal, though ... betrayal is the willful slaughter of hope"
                The world as we know is never kind to anyone. While i thought there were only two options available to individuals either hunt or be hunted, i learnt of a new race of people living whose task is neither hunting or hunted upon but helpin the hunter to pry upon the prey. Its good job right? you need not put any effort ,u can work conveniently behind the back of the hunted and the best portion is even after the hunted is marked upon you can conveninently smile and crack jokes at the person whom u had betrayed. Really if there's a nothing more convenient  in the world than this, like doing dark deeds behind the  back of unsuspecting persons. While everyone betrays in the world none hurts more than being betrayed by someone to whom u had been open. Betrayal by a girl u luv wudnt hurt so much as does to know that the person whom u confided doing the betrayal part  with elan!! i have learnt only one thing. Never believe anyone but yourself.