Thursday, April 1, 2010

Losing and Vendetta

     I had thought about why we think of paying back . There are several perspectives to look at the scenario but i look at  one why which i had experienced few weeks before. I did attend an interview for Deloitte which is one of the biggest companies in the world. Me and my closest friend were shortlisted and after a week the company announced the final results wherein my friend went through while I didn't.  I couldn't get good sleep after that night coz being successful he would have forgotten that interview at all. But for me, it was like an old tape playing back in my head again and again and every second of a interview went through my head again and again while i was checking for the possible mistakes i could have done.When i extend this idea i find that people who lose go for vendetta coz they can never get over things  while the winner can easily forget that and move forward. its that feeling thats pushes people to do something so that the play back at the back of their head would stop.Thats the reason for all suffering , to end a suffering deep inside their mind they give as much of pain to fellow beings thinking that would undo the pain in their minds. But , fact is blood can never be washed by blood and  even if they succeed  in giving people their payback the loser here again nurtures the hatred for the other and this endless cycle continues amidst the cries of humaneness which loses its breath with every growing vigor for vendetta.


  1. when u dont get a thing its not like u lost it... it may be taken in the sense that u deserve great heights but in some ohter way

  2. @ sankar yep.Thats true we thnk we are losing a battle to win a war . BUt what we fail to understand or draw line is which is battle and which is war!!!