Monday, March 29, 2010

Four years of college life gave me?? this!!

To know that my course draws t an end in some 15 days raises new questions in me. When i think what i had learnt or achieved by giving four years of time and equal amount of money in lakhs to this damn institution  i get no answer. To be frank, i was more sharper in my school , my intellect was sharper and my grey cells were very active but now im not the same guy as i used to be in my school days.Physically i might have grown another 4 inches but i cant hide my shame when i realize that i had blunted myself or had i been blunted? All plants dnt grow well everywhere so do we.This Institution can be marked as good one with ranking and all those gimmicks but i realize the oxygen for me was freedom and not all others this college provides us with. But one thing i can be sure of is i had learnt a lot about people here at college, i learnt staffs can be so idiotic, students can be so self centered and friends can so easily rip through your back. I had thought that i was good as survivor in school but i didn't have humane feelings at school but now i feel after seeing so much things in college, the last bit of humanness also has vanished from my heart. i am nothing short of a demon with nothing but hate for meanness filling all my heart. I have learnt about people and the way earth behaves to each individual here at college.but i now think thats more important to know than working of zener diodes . is it not?

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