Friday, December 18, 2009

The project we intend to do...

Being at the last semester of my engineering course,i have a a project to make.There were several ideas on selecting a project.i personally had believed that, whatever you take from the community you must repay at least a part of it.The idea of doing this project,the project that we try to implement struck me in train when i was travelling back from Goa.To be frank i thought i was the first to invent something new or outta box.But the fact was that people were working on it for half a decade :(.but the good thing was my idea was still in research and there was something that i could always contribute.O.k./. coming to my dream project,"A real time mine detection system employing sensors" that could reduce the time and risks involved in demining activities.You will understand the problem if i give you a statistic outta 2million mines planted every year in conflict zones only 1000000 are marked and far lesser removed.The dormants that have been there from second world war accrues with newly planted and they impose severe problemsMost of the times the intended targets escape and it's just the civilians who get exposed and their hands or limbs get blown off.Technology grows everyday and detection gets harder with arrival of plastic mines. so thats the core area we would be concentrating on .But the project has been plagud by funds!!! the gpr sensor that we had intended for use costs us in lakhs,so we are trying to implement the project using a cheap ir sensor while improving it's efficiency.After all technology's about that right-uplifting the weaker !!!!

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