Thursday, October 15, 2009

chennai ma bodhi tree..

i ahd beeen to chennai some 5 times i think. each time i had learnt something about life ther.while i as a kid for the first two trips(though i learnt the basics of boardin a crowded bus then :) ) the other trips had been a revealation.i would like to shed lihgt on two such trips,one as a year back when i went to chennai for my vacation. i bought a food packet for 20 rupees and while trying to consume it, i dropped it in train.the good thing was that i got some food from the family who sat opposite to me,but there was a lady who was selling sum fruits in soon as she saw me havn been careless she said, it was her days wage.never had i felt so ashamed in my life after that, i try to consume evry bit of food i get.the other incident is more recent one.i got into a bus to tambaram there was an old man who was sitting next to me.i dont knw what he thought,but he was asking me so much questions about things and i was eagerly answring him with a comfort that i had found someone gud in chennai.but after a point he told something about marks and askd about community.i had thouhgt that people living in metros were a bit straihgt forward but to the contrary they are similar to the uneduacted except fro that they ask it with civility.but the very root is deeply establised in peoples dna i suppose..hw cud anyone dream of a united india with chromoseomal abberations??

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