Monday, June 15, 2009

t20 world cup

aah!! finally the favorites are comin back home after some hefty purchase ,exotic spa massages and few hrs of game...i never blivd these bunch of spoilt individuals would get d cup..hmm last time no player had an identity and evryone's future was bleak so each one put their best and they had team spirit n all to bring back d cup beating our archrival...but this time each has got big bungalow to his name courtesy IPL so no one cared abt winning as survival was nt essential to each bloke each one's got a name to rest upon now and worse of all yesterday no player played as a team... this is d curse of indian cricket we hav amazingly talented bunch of individuals who try to remain as individuals and not as an unit... let team india learn lesson atleast now and win the upcomin series...


  1. :D :D C'mon dude Go easy on em... could just be a tactical blunder dats all!! But lets bash em anyways...saale kamathe hain bohoth!!

    Btw nice "Fiery" post first up :) Cheers!!

  2. Yeah..... Almost all Indians are furious over the game played yesterday. As a T20 champion India had all the great qualities of hosting IPL. But now the honour is lost. Wishing them a very happy and safe journey to home.

  3. im not for burning effigies and all .but as champs we shud hav put up a gud fght atleast...